What is Squirrel Airlines VA?

Why Squirrel Airlines VA?

How can I join?

I have forgot my Password. What do i do?

What's the difference between a verified user and a non verified user?

What if i dont verify my email address?

What if I dont submit any PIREPS?

How long does it take to accept a PIREP?

Why was my PIREP Rejected?

Where can I find Squirrels Mod list?

Can I apply to be a staff member?

Can you delete my rejected PIREPS?

Can I submit PIREPS if they were done on multiplayer or vatSIM?

What are Nuts and how do I get them?

Where can I get help with addons?

I haven't received a email to verify my account.

How are your passwords saved?

Is my eMail, date of birth, password and other info safe?

Are there any limits to PIREPS I can post?

What is a VA?

Landing Rates

What is a PIREP

What is the Max Sim Rate that I can use?