Planned Downtime

Note to all pilots.
The website will be going under maintenance / downtime on the following dates.
5th 6th & 7th of November
During this time we are backing up the server and database and moving things to a new server.

Should all things go to plan the website should be back online for the 8th of November.

Please follow @StevenKiberton on Twitter to be kept up-to-date.

Pilot Signatures

Just to let you all know. We have fixed the issue with Pilot Signatures.
If you have used the code for any forums then please make sure you update them as the link has now changed.


OK so the good news is that we are back open for buissiness.

This took a lot longer than we expected BUT we are fully up and running again.

The EFB is here

OK so the long awaited EFB is now ready for release.
There are still a few little things that need to be updated but they will happen in time.

Please make sure you read the FaQ and How-To to get setup.
You will need to start by clicking "Installing EFB"

Then when you have done that you can go ahead and click "Using EFB"

Follow the steps and you will be flying with this awesome bit of kit in no time.

All new look

Welcome back everyone.
How do you like the new site?
Hope you like it.

I am so proud at how this turned out.
If you notice any issues or things out of place, please screenshot them and send them to

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our login system.
To login you need to enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD

Your Pilot ID number will now only be used for kACARS or the EFB (coming soon)

If you have any feedback please message me Steven Kiberton or email

Planned Downtime

Hi there Captin,
We are planning some downtime in the next few weeks.
The downtime will start at 6pm UK time on Thursday the 12th of November. (This date may change due to any delays)
This downtime will last about 6 hours. This is so we can improve and update our ageing website software.

The software that we are using now has become old, weak and outdated. So the time has come where we need to change this and make it more "user friendly"
The downside is that changes need to be made to the core files and the database. Doing this on a live site is a bad idea, so we will take the site offline during this time to make these changes and hope that when we come back that all is well.

When we come back the whole website will look and feel different.
Currently we are using PHPVMS which is not the best software out there, so we have started to code our own version.
The new website will look and feel like our sister website Squirrel-Logistics.

If you have any ideas or input then please contact me.
Steven Kiberton

Flight Plans

OK to all the people who requested flight plans.
They have now been added...

Remember that you DO NOT have to use the aircraft that it shows. You can fly any aircraft you like as long as its not a military aircraft.

If you need more help please just ask.


SO we are OPEN
Please be aware that your account needs to be ACTIVATED by a member of staff...
As I am the only staff at the moment things may take time to be accepted so please keep check of your emails.

When your account has been accepted you will receive a email confirmation.

Thanks for been a part of Squirrel-Airlines
And remember....

You have to be NUTS to fly with us

Coming Soon

OK we are proud to announce we are Opening soon.
Squirrel-Airlines is working hard to bring you the best virtual airline environment.

Just remember our slogan.
You have to be nuts to fly with us.